Red is the color – K. B

Red is the color

Red is the color of rebellion,
Rebel against what?
Companion of rebellion
Are companions of Satan,
I choose to act.

Justice for the oppressed!
Justice for the repressed!

So called Erdogan,
So called Putin,
So called Biden,
So called Sissi the empress,
So called democracy
With a fake free choice
To elect assholes,
To elect pill popping

Save the children,
So called UN,
Rapists and mineral

So called institutions
Eyes wide shut,
Not an anarchist,
A champion of good sense,
Of good human sense.

Sweep them off, people
From the world.
Corona is a hoax
To eradicate the revolt
That was going on a bit

We were almost there,
Campesinos in Brazil,
In Chile,
In Lebanon,
In Ireland,
In France,
Marches in the US,
Stop the infamy!

Release a virus
To calm everyone down.

I’m not settling for quiet.
Kill them, the heads of state,
Make a government by the people
For the people!
End point.

Inequalities soaring,
Headaches and trauma,
Nightmarish earth feeding
On flames and injustice!

Muslims, persecuted everywhere,
Hear the trumpets of dawn,
We will march as one
To overthrow banks
And armies
And tyranny!

We will enter the ardent cities
With new anthems so we be happy,
Exorcised from the bad seeds they plant
In us since childhood!

Be gone! Roast! Let’s toast!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2021.