Fucked up relationships – K. B

Fucked up relationships

Beer, love triangle,
I want to fuck your friend,
My girlfriend is open to
Have sex with someone else!
My lord, where are you amidst this
Nonsense? Please save me, no wind,
No thunder, just save me from this world
I hate with no morals and no sense of honor.

Please save me from this relativity of values,
Introduce me to the real joy of virtue.

I’m fed up with these fornicators
And fornicatrixes, bored women
And alluring infidel girlfriend!

Azouag, where are you, speak up,
Save me from the claws of alcoholics
And cocained and weed addicts
Fake love and a thousand years of suffering
Between their hands!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2021.