Muslim all star (irony) – K. B

Muslim all star (irony)

I want my human crew
Not these junkies
Or pale people
With no principles,
Always drinking
And fucking.
God, award me
To the height of
My gift let me live
In the light of humanism.
I am no guide to be followed
I am no activist to be believed
Just a poor human being
Who knows that my salvation
Ultimately lies with you
But you see the Devil
Is making sure I never get out
Of it.

I tried to pray on time
But vice made me surrender,
Please help a believer fulfill
Your light and faith,
Please soften this life,
I don’t wanna be part of them.

Take the women out and the drinks
And the bad food and make me self sufficient enough to escape these infidels,
Both in my camp and on the other.

The poet walks in a no man’s land,
Belonging to nobody, no one,
No community, no Oumma,
Betrayed by his fellows
Who in disguise of piety
Trample on his dignity
I belong to nothingness,
Not a believer, nor an unbeliever,
Forever rocking in a cradle of deceit,
Between all sides.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2021.

Changed my mind.
My ideals aren’t met.
It is muslim all brown,
Rather, like poo.