Never perfect ideal (almost!) – K. B

The picture is a lure, like ads

Never perfect ideal

Ideas never meet reality,
That is how it is,
Between people not on time,
Drowning in white powder,
And the merciless matrix
Tackling me in every aspect,
Families torn apart by wives,
There is but Old Dad.
Moms are on fire,
And the same foul stench
Meets my nose on the streets
Because of all the dogs.
It is resisting my mind
In every aspect,
Either in apathy
Or in full shape
Either sinking with bad news
Or listening to the sound of bombs
In Palestine with the epic international
Reaction we are used to.
No, I’m not depressed,
Living in ecstasy,
Far from God
And shivering with love,
Entranced by these vibes
Made of dark rays and red spots,
The sky illumines my days
And nights,
And the revolving earth
Sheds a sad smile
On my face.
The forever senile
Human passion,
Living in gutters
And shining amidst trash,
Eroica, Eroica claimed
And the world keeps
On hitting the wall!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2021.


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