Dreams – K. B


Just a boy caught up
In dreams and fantasies,
The horizon engulfes
Me into a sea of tenderness.

Why master myself,
When all I need is some
Far from conspiracy theories,
Tortured minds with terpentine
And benzedrine to cure the paranoia.

Love, love, love…

Angry activists are burning it down,
Mellow dreamers hide in cupboards
Under the pasta box.

Disturbed minds see evil everywhere,
Pedophiles and insanities about Satan,
May the Lord protect me from him.

Lefties, extreme rights movements
Pro Trump who are fighting the « Elite »
We need nothing of that, only the breeze
And a quiet mind, an appeased heart
And good empenada with tomato sauce
And cheese.

Ultra lefties, stay right where you are,

The neverending and perpetually critical
Mind interrogates every aspect of reality
Until it devours itself.

Concepts, theories are vain,
Simply coz I eat, pray, and love
Like Gilbert.

Let the angry mob invade the Capitol,
Surely under meds or drugs
With that invincible feeling
In their heart.

I, am scared,
I am not self satisfied,
I, shiver
I ride the natural course of being
A human without the supranatural glow
Of Godification.

I confrunt my ideas and seek
My window is not open
On QAnon
And all the jerkiness that venom

K. B

All rights reserved. 2021.